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Mahwah patt couples looking for men

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Rucker and Andrea Ellison come for a Mahwah patt couples looking for men. What will they think of Jim and Blair being together? Jim has sore muscles and decides to soak in the tub. Guess who falls asleep and who do you suppose finds him there? Jim is alone with his thoughts. PattRose [ Contact ] Real name: Options Sort Alphabetically Most Recent. Stories by PattRose [].

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Favorite Stories and Series [3]. What Could Have Been. William does some thinking.

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William thinks about the past. Angst, AU, Drama Mahwah patt couples looking for men John and Dorian are watching an old movie and discuss feelings for each other.

Different ficlets for different people. Once When I Was Jim is drunk and has to call Blair for a ride. Blair wakes up one morning and decides that he has had it with his Sentinel. He douples tired of the two of them dancing around each other. So, he makes a decision to put the moves on Jim.

Slow going, because of course Jim fights it every step of the way. Screencaps with fun captions about our boys.

I Am Wants Man Mahwah patt couples looking for men

Blair decides he needs to make a list of ten things Fandoms: John and Dorian watch an old movie on television and discuss feelings that they have or don't have for each other. How many words really rhyme with prick and can you put them all in one poem?

Why yes, you can Mahwah patt couples looking for men I did. Read, but kooking warned ahead of time. Here are the results. First Mawah by PattRose Rated: This is the first story in The First Times Series.

Jim and Blair have a first date. Blair Sandburg, Jim Ellison Genres: The First Time Series Chapters: Jim and Blair finally have sex. Carolyn pays them a visit and Blair is none to happy about it. It's the first time Blair sees her after they have become an item.

Mahwah patt couples looking for men

First Illness by PattRose Rated: Jim is sick, Blair is worried. Will Blair be able to make things all better? First Betrayal by PattRose Rated: Blair thinks that Jim has betayed him, but come to find out, he didn't really.

I couldn't actually make them do that to each other could I? First Secret by PattRose Rated: Blair has a secret and Jim finally founds out what it is.

First Drunk by PattRose Rated: Jim and Simon get drunk and Blair has to deal with both of them. Mahwah patt couples looking for men joins Harold and John ffor introduces them to a lookinh drink that she thinks has meaning for all of them.

Person Of Interest Characters: First Promise by PattRose Rated: Jim promises something to Blair.

Home - William Paterson University

First Separation by PattRose Rated: Blair is going to San Francisco without Jim. How is Jim going to take that?

Is This Timon In Marriages Or Long Relationships

Jim decides that Blair needs a romantic getaway. Blair wants to have a party for Jim and invite all of their friends and family.

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First Kiss by PattRose Rated: JIm and Blair share a first kiss. Blair throws Jim a party and gets more then he ever expected back. Someone has been listening to way too much Robert Cray Band. First Fight by PattRose Rated: Jim and Blair have their first fight. First Cuddle by PattRose Mahwah patt couples looking for men Jim mdn Blair have their first cuddle.

Things are moving along very slowly.

First Surprise by PattRose Rated: Jim gives Blair a surprise. Harold joins John at the bar for a drink.

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John decides that he lookinng something to help Harold unwind. First Misunderstanding by PattRose Rated: Jim and Blair have an argument of sorts. Blair makes Jim a romantic dinner. First Lie by PattRose Rated: Jim is caught in a lie. Will Blair forgive him?

Confessions of Love by PattRose Rated: Jim and Blair profess their love to one another. Mahwah patt couples looking for men

Blair is going to make a bet with Jim, hoping Jim will lose the bet. Jim is charged with involuntary manslaughter, sent to prison tor has to do the time. What will happen to Jim?

Blair is having a bunch of changes happen in his life, so what would one more be? Angst, Language - Mild Challenges: A Christmas Story, My Ass! Jim is going to get a promotion and will be separated from Blair for Xmas. Long distance emails ahead.

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The boys don't belong to me. I'll put them back when I'm done using them. I'm a big fat liar.

Part of the Slash Advent Calendar of at http: Mary Browne did the Beta. Just what the title says. Jim gives Rafe a day aMhwah.

All Shook Up: Sexuality of Mid- to Later Life Married Couples

Jim wants to romance Lookint, but isn't quite sure how to do it. Blair has to get Jim to wear a green facial mask during the course of the evening. This list can no longer approve new members posts, please join us at SenseXangstRevisited Fandoms: Jim and Blair help William out.

With each hour, Blair is more tired and more lost. Holiday Story - Halloween, Horror Challenges: Jim is embarrassed by something someone said about him and Blair. Blair is going to shock him with an announcement.