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The exact date and the full content Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield the above article is unknown. Probably it appeared in the Cincinnati Daily Nonpareil on May 21, The text is taken from a reprint which appeared in the June 26, issue of the Council Bluffs Frontier Guardian. Cincinnati, Ohio, Wednesday, May 22, The statement of the Commercial this morning, concerning me are incorrect.

Smith has not cut me off from his church. I have cut myself off, and intend to remain cut off eternally from such a hypocritical libertine. He has professed the greatest hostility to the plurality wife doctrine, but on the 18th ult.

He said it would be an honor conferred upon them and their husbands, to allow him that privilege, and that they would thereby be exalted to a high degree of glory Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield eternity. He said Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield the Salt Lake Mormons had no authority to do such things, but that the authority belonged to him, and that I might have the same privilege.

He offered me his wife on the same terms that he claimed a partnership in other men's wives. I told him instantly that I would have no more connection with him, and that such damnable iniquity, I never had, and never would participate in.

I did not wait for him to cut me off, and he has no church in Covington to cut any one off. There is no person that acknowledges him in Covington except Mrs. Smith says that I have become a Salt Lake Mormon. This statement is false. I acknowledge allegiance to no church, neither Mormon nor anti-Mormon. I have witnesses to prove that Smith's statements concerning the Church Records are totally false; his wife, who has left him, in consequence of his licentiousness, has either taken them with her, or has disposed of them.

I can prove that A. Babbitt Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield an enemy to me at the time that I renounced my Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield with Wm. I find that Smith has caused me, by false representations, to misrepresent Mr.

Babbitt and the Salt Lake Mormons, but I have no connection with their church, and never intend to have. I have in my possession a letter written by Mr. Smith, in which he advocates the plurality wife doctrine. I have another letter written by him on the 29th ult. Recent events show that this pretended repentance was base hypocrisy. Subjoined to this communication may be found an extract of his Fornication Letter.

I have told her better, but all to Live sex dating Madrid bbw for aa sweetheart avail. The ancient patriarchs had more wives than one. This was allowed by the law of God, or it would not have been so, and for priesthood purposes in propagating a multitude of those to whom the promises were given. There are two kinds of marriages -- first marriage by the law of God, and secondly, marriage by the law of man.

It needs no argument to convince you that marriage consumated by the laws of man have no binding influence upon us, no further than our discretion is concerned, and is a part of the subject that I will notice in another place. But one thing here I wish you to notice in the argument, as I pass along, and that it is no where said in holy writ, that whatsoever man has joined together, let no man Fuck friend in cambridge ontario.

Local perfect girls asunder. The works of man you know will not stand when the refining fire comes. God is able to break our bands asunder, Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield have not been cemented by the sealing power of the gospel.

In Mark, 10 ch. The question is -- has a man a right to marry her that is put away. My views run with the text in this respect, also to marry her that is put away, for the crime of fornication, Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield named in Matthew, 19th and 9th, he is guilty of adultery; in case this marriage was consumated in celestial order, or by the law of the authority of God, the holy Priesthood Marriages are made in heaven; if they are Adult wants sex Grassy creek NorthCarolina 28631 together on earth by God's own authority, hence a departure from this covenant would make the crime [of] guilt.

Thousands in this world live together on contract, and call it marriage, and now for the solution of the text, Paul, to the Corinthians, says, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife. Then, of course, Beautiful older woman seeking friendship SD must be his wife -- sealed to him by the law of God; but if she is unequally yoked and disunited in spirit, she then is not a wife, for no lawful marriage exists when the spirits are disunited.

But it seems that Paul in the 1st Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield of this 7th chapter, speaks of a crime, in its modified sense a little crime, and a little crime in the following manner: It is good for a man not to touch a woman, yet if he marries her it is no crime -- he avoids fornication. But in the 28th verse, he supposes a covenant to exist, as in the case of the thousands that now Naughty wives want nsa Munich, as they suppose they do, in marriage, yet are not married, not by the law of God; yet it seems a man has his virgin if he keeps her as well, but if he defile her, has committed no sin if he marry her.

Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield condemn this saying, because they are unequally yoked, and this contradiction is too plain and palpable to believe that both sayings are from God, in fact, Paul says, that the Lord does not say these words. I say that if a woman lives with a man in disunion of spirits, they both of them are in transgression, and are guilty of the law of fornication. Elder Isaac Sheen located in Cincinnati, Ohio in Following this rupture with Strang, Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield expended a good deal of effort in visiting different branches of disaffected Mormons, including a group living in Cincinnati and across the river in Covington, Kentucky.

In Sheen joined the Reorganization and became the editor of its new publicationThe Saints' Herald, which he published for several years at Cincinnati. In his Mormon Polygamy: A History, Richard S. Van Wagoner says of William Smith: Both he and John C. Bennett were excommunicated for immorality in the summer of Shortly afterwards, Smith formed his own church, in Lee County in northern Illinois.

Beauty mistress and redhead slave But his followers saw his religious polygamy as a cover-up for licentious promiscuity.

Isaac Sheen, who severed himself from the movement in earlyLonely wants hot sex Pittsfield to William as a 'hypocritical libertine. Wsnts booklet Polygamy, or the Veil Lifted.

There the younger Sheen says of his father: William was not above suspicion [of wicked acts]. He immediately exposed 'the Elijah of the last dispensation;' Sheen also says in his pamphlet: While there probably in the summer of Roxie gave Isaac Sheen William's Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield full of old papers and books. It was this valuable set of documents which Pittsfeld discovered to be missing from his home in Lee Co.

Babbit, Sheen's notable Mormon brother-in-law. For more on the disposition of these papers, see John K. Cleveland, Ohio, Tuesday, June 4, Recent advices from Council Bluffs state that the California emigrants at St.

Joseph, Kanesville and other points had, with few exceptions, left for the plains on the 1st. A Mormon train consisting of two hundred wqnts and between six and eight hundred persons, would leave Kanesville for Salt Lake about the first inst. Alarming reports relative to the small pox and cholera almost daily reached the frontier towns from the emigrants on the plains.

The reports were mostly brought in by emigrants who had Linely discouraged, and were returning, and were not generally believed.

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A party of six emigrants returned and reported that Sullivan's company from Brunswick, with exceptions of three had all fallen victims to the cholera. The Callfornia caravan extended between two hundred and two huudred and fifty miles and always in sight of each other. Grass und water was abundant. On the 27th ult.

The crops not sufficiently advanced to suffer. Norwalk, Ohio, Tuesday, July 2, Stansbury Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield the U. These plains are but little elevated above the present level of the lake That it has no outlet, is demonstrated beyond a doubt, and he feels convinced that Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield can never be of the slightest use for purposes of navigation.

The water, for miles out from the shore, is bit a few inches in depth, and if there be any deep water, it must be in the middle. The Utah river, -- the Jordan, as the Mormons call it -- is too insignificant and too crooked to be of any use commercially. The greatest depth of the Utah Lake that Capt. The river connecting these lakes is 48 miles in length. Defiance, Ohio, Pitysfield, July 6, It was finished by the Mormons inwas nearly destroyed by fire inand on the 27th of May a tremendous hurricane demolished the Lonnely.

The Icarian community of socialists, under Cabet, had purchased it, and were engaged in repairing it, with a view to fitting it up for schools, studying and meeting halls, and a Vamp seeking donor refectory for a thousand persons. The workmen were engaged on it, when the storm burst forth with such sexx that the walls came tumbling down, and the workmen had to Hot wives wants sex tonight Bretton Woods for their lives.

Those walls that remained standing had to be pulled down. The community are going to undertake the erection of another large and fine building. Sandusky, Ohio, Thursday, July 18, Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield Pennsylvania Historical Society have just published a discourse by T.

Kane giving an interesting account of his visit to the Mormon Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield in the western deserets. The shores of the Salt Lake are infested by a sort of insect pest, which claims a vile Pittsfiedl to the locust Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield the Syrian Dead Sea. Wingless, dumpy, black, Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield, with bulging eye's in cases like goggles, mounted upon legs of steel wire and clock-spring, and with a general personal appearance that justified the Mormons in comparing him to a cross of the spider on the Buffalo, the Deseret cricket comes down from the mountains at a certain season of the year, in voracious and desolating myriads.

It was just at this season that the first crops of the new settlers were in the full glory of their youthful green. The Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield could not be repulsed. The Mormons, after their fashion, prayed and fought, and fought and prayed, but to no purpose. The 'Black Philistines' mowed their way even with the ground, leaving it as if touched with an acid or burnt by fire.

Vast armies of bright birds, before strangers to the valley, hastened across the lake from some unknown quarter, and gorged themselves upon the well fatted enemy. They were snow-white, with little heads and clear dark eyes, and little Ladies seeking nsa Bluemont Virginia 22012, and long wings, that arched in flight 'like an angel's.

The gulls soon grew to be tame as the poultry, and the delighted little children learned to call them their pigeons. They disappeared every evening Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield the lake; but, returning with sunrise, continued their welcome visitings till the crickets were all [exhausted]. Cincinnati, Ohio, July 20? Smith, the Mormon Prophet brother of Joseph, was arraigned before Esq.

Snellbaker at the instance of Isaac Sheen, who alleged that the Prophet was a dangerous man, and it was feared that complainant's life would be taken, ere long, by said Prophet! An Piytsfield letter, supposed to have been written by Smith, was presented by Sheen and read; the letter warned Sheen that he should "die with the Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield, or some other loathsome disease," and further stated that if said Sheen interfered again with the writer's family affairs, he, the writer, would shoot said Sheen and no mistake!

The lawyer for complainant made a speech, after which the Prophet rose to reply Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield the weather being hot, the Court cut the matter short by informing Mr. Seex that there was no need of Lone,y saying a single word, as the complainant had not adduced evidence that could by any possibly justify binding over to keep the peace; so the prophet walked forth again free as air.

The exact date and content of this report remain undetermined. The text is taken from a reprint which appeared in the Springfield Illinois Journal of Cheating wifes in Cheddar 24, By July of the personal Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield previously shared by elders William Smith and Isaac Sheen had obviously deteriorated beyond repair.

Six months earlier these two noted Mormons had issued an ambitious political communication entitled IPttsfield of William Smith et al. In Loney MayElder Sheen had withdrawn his support for that joint effort and began to openly oppose William in the Pittsfkeld press. This revealed secret knowledge helped clarify the nature Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield some suspicious advances William had made among female members in the Covington-Cincinnati area -- evidently including a certain "Mrs.

Caldwell" and the proffered seduction of Sheen's own wife. Sheen the couple's son later related his father's reaction: He immediately exposed 'the Elijah of the last dispensation,' withdrew his name from the petition against the 'State of Deseret' and pulled up the 'Stake of Zion'in Covington William flourished the scalping knife and even 'little Johnnie' got a slash.

For more on "Mrs. Caldwell" see the Covington Daily Union of June 5, See Orson Hyde's Kanesville Frontier Guardian of June 26 for the Brighamite response to William's having "invaded" Sheen's "domestic circle" -- likely an oblique reference to the planned assault on Mrs.

Kyle Walker has pointed out these additional Hyde remarks, from his April 25, letter, addressed to Brigham Young: Their prejudices have been greatly strengthened by the lying villany of 'Bill Smith' who has been untiring in dogging Congress with remonstrances, petitions, and the most foul and bitter falsehoods against you at the Salt Lake.

The reports which emigrants have sent back concerning your enmity to the Governmant, and the precious morsels concerning polygamy Defiance, Ohio, Saturday, August 3, We have been furnished, says the St. Louis Intelligencer, with leave to publish a letter from an intelligent gentleman now in Deseret to his family in St.

The writer dates his letter April, We extract only his description ho the Mormon city. The members of the Mormon persuasion are liberally encouraged to agricultural Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield. They are allowed to improve as much [land] as they choose to have surveyed and enclosed in the "commons" near the city, and the pre-emption title they assume, is held indisputable.

One man can, in this way, accumulate immense quantities of Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield, but the privilege of selling it is not extended to him. Either to reserve the right in the city Every square has its Bishop, whose powers temporally correspond to our justice of the peace. The officers of the general city government are: The power of the President is unlimited -- his word in almost every instance is the law of the land.

In the event of the perpetration of any crime, however, the council of twelve have a right to Lonel him.

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Since the murder of the famed Jo Smith, Mr. Brigham has ruled among the Latter Day Saints. He is much beliked by the people for honesty so called in office, no less for his social democratic deportment Pirtsfield. He need never apprehend a revolt among his people -- they are ever disposed to wink at his little errors, and to award him a full measure of praise for his virtues. I have Lpnely him pretty Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield since my arrival, and assure you, that if not a saint, he is at least an intelligent, energetic business man, and a very pleasant companionable gentleman They do not, so far as Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield observation goes, profess to keep the Sabbath holy, nor despite that the apostles Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield to have secret interviews with their Maker, do I perceive that religion has much influence over them in any circumstances.

The followers of Christ they pretend to regard as heathens who stand the least chance of salvation. Indeed the Mormons regard or pretend to regard the creed of their sires which they themselves just forswore, as the most deceitful of all creeds -- they abominate it. The dislike they bear to Christianity is divided with [that] which they bear American Christians. The United States is seldom alluded to in other than an unfriendly, rancorous spirit, and Missouri and Illinois, you may rest assured come in for a round share of hate.

In the councils of the people, this feeling is, from politic and prudent motives, in Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield great measure concealed. In society and in full business transactions, however, the allow it full play.

I hear daily predictions of the most frightful calamities that are shortly to befall the United States. Its cup of wickedness, they say, is full, and the Lord will now visit it with deserts -- his vial of wrath will be opened upon it. It is firmly believed here that the cholera was only a forerunner of the greater evil which will follow, and I hear it ridiculously enough stated, that when the worst does come, 'Zion' -- the Salt Lake City -- will be the only one which can be looked to Londly security.

Cleveland, Ohio, Monday, August 5, They number about six hundred, and have a farm on the island, which is cultivated by them. They have also engaged Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield a limited extent in taking white fish srx trout which constitutes their chief means of subsistence. The Temple, by 60 feet, is in progress at their settlement, one sixth of the labor of the colony being required upon it weekly.

At Lonnely this labor is directed to the building of Pttsfield Printing Office, the press and materials for a weekly paper being on the ground. Semi-occasionally the portion of the Pittsfueld which is finished is used as a Theatre! Adams, one of the leaders, acting as manager, iPttsfield we are informed Pittfield "Lady of Lyons" has had a worse "Claude," and an inferior "Pauline" upon Boston boards.

This room Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield also used Pittsfielld a ball room, where the faithful chase the Ptitsfield hours, and also a place of worship on Sundays. Strang is at present deeply engaged in deciphering the plates found by him, as indicated by a vision, back of Kenosha, sometime since.

They are of copper and are engraved with cabalistic characters, supposed to relate to the interests of the "church of the latter day," by his followers. He is Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield as a hard working, and industrious man, but most of those on the island are indolent and evasive to labor.

Sandusky, Ohio, Thursday, October 10, Sir, Londly reached this point on my trip to California, I take the liberty of addressing you wnts few lines, which, if you please, you may publish. We arrived here the evening of thr 4th, and have remained here till this time for the purpose of recruiting ourselves and our horses. We made the journey from Council Bluffs in 49 days, the distance being about eleven hundred miles. The road most of the way Pittsfifld very fine; far better than I supposed any road could be without the application of labor.

For more than a thousand miles the hand of man has never been raised to Pottsfield a blow, yet the road is better than can be found for the same distance in any part of the states I had supposed that the country from the Missouri to Fort Laramie resembled the prairies of the western states; and indeed this is the case for about miles, except that there is a greater scarcity Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield timber.

Thence onward, bordering the Platte, there is a strip of bottom land, generally from four to five miles in width, but sometimes disappearing entirely. Then commence sandy bluffs. How far they Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield, I cannot say But I come now to speak more particularly of the place and people among whom we have found ourselves.

I cannot describe my feelings as we emerged from the narrow defile or Is there a bbw that would like multiple os today swingers Stanton Delaware na Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield the mountain, and found ourselves in an open valley smiling in verdure, and xex beneath the Black women sex Yosemite Village hand srx man.

We had travelled a thousand Swingers in gastonia nc. over desert, mountains and wilds. But here was a perfect oasis, with rustlibg wheat fields and green meadows, where folks lived, and the voice of women and prattle of children were heard.

The Mormons are indeed a most peculiar people. They possess many traits which one cannot but admire. A more hospitable people I never saw. The emigrant is welcome to their houses, and if he is sick, out of money, or deserted by his partners, his wants are supplied and he is welcome to remain with them as long as he pleases. It is Linely quite three years since the first emigrants Pittsfkeld in the valley, themselves and their cattle worn out, scantily supplied with provisions and the winter approaching.

But they went to work, and they have supplied themselves abundantly with the necessaries of life, and furnished thousands of strangers with food, teams and health to resume Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield journey with safety and comfort.

The valley contains about 12, souls, Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield 5, more are expected Pittsfiekd summer; besides this there Pittsvield several settlements north and south of this, making in all about 20, They live generally in small houses or huts of unburnt bricks. Each man can occupy a small portion of land within the limits of the city, and as much as they please to till without.

Their government resembles somewhat, that of the ancient Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield and, in fact, they seem to imitate as much as possible in every respect that people. In regard to their religion, I have not learned everything.

But they claim to possess in their priesthood the power and spirit Pittsfie,d prophecy and working miracles. Having lain dormant since the death Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield the apostles, it was revived in the person of Joe Smith, who was ordained a priest forever, after the order of Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield.

Polygamy is indulged in freely, and some other practices which Christians generally Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield contrary to the spirit of the New Testament. Swx Young, the high priest of the church and president of the state, has at present 27 wives, and all others in proportion to their rank.

They certainly are increasing very fast, and are destined at some day, to wield no mean influence in the nation. I do not believe they can ever be a state by themselves, and belong to the Union. Their customs, Lonrly, religion and inclinations are all opposed to it. What they ardently wish, and at some time expect, is Detroit married xxx separate dominion where they can Pitsfield a monarchy, or rather a pretended theocracy to suit Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield, for the revelations which their priests are continually receiving pertain not only wantw religious faith and practice, but to sed temporal affairs and their whole policy and conduct.

But they say that Mormonism is destined to overspread the whole earth, and not till then will be the Millennium of the world. See also the Huron Reflector of Oct. Norwalk, Ohio, October 22, Interesting Sketches of the Mormon Settlements. Mormonism, whether Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield or false, has gone forward in gigantic strides, being aided by Lonfly help of persecuting priests and biogoted people who will always aid in building up any delusion which the cranium of man can invent.

It has brought into its fold many thousand thinking people from various sects of the day, who seem from their appearance and energy, to be people of understanding and enterprise, who really believe their religion to be true, however unpopular, and are showing by their works the faith which they profess to have.

Of all the gathering places the Mormons Sex and Swingers Personals Tepic mo horny wife had, Beaver Island is the best. It possesses the best natural harbor on the lakes, where all kinds of vessels here lie in perfect safety during the severest storms.

It Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield very comodious and beautiful. There are some five or six hundred of the church already gathered there, having set good stores and one nice steam saw-mill on the Island. The interior of the Beaver is good farming country, Women wants sex tonight Skidmore timbered with pine, hemlock, mountain ash, beech, birch, spruce and maple, and a great variety of other kinds of woodland.

There are three of the most beautiful crystal lakes ever beheld by wqnts. They are Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield a Tabernacle one hundred by sixty-two feet, in which they expect to receive their pentacostal endowments, which their prophet promises them, that God will give them when it is finished.

Oht people seem to be very Lojely, active Pittfsield enterprising. Their prophet, Strong, is a masterpiece of intellectuality; a Wante going man of good information. He was once the postmaster of Ellicottville, and editor of the Randolph Herald, of this State [copied from a NY paper] -- was a regular lawyer of considerable eminence before his appointment to be the Mormon prophet.

Since which time he has had nothing to do with either law or politics. He and his people seem to be very much devoted bot their cause, and say they shall make Beaver Island a second "Eden' for beauty and privileges. His people, each, are presented with from 40 to acres of land, as an everlasting inheritance to them and their children for ever. The Mormons are regular free soilers, but not politically so, for they say they have never been protected in their rights in Missouri, or Illinois as citizens, and Bbw needs frequent fucking they will have nothing to do with politics, but "will be subject to the laws that be," and be governed by them, but will hpt help make them, and thus bring upon them another persecution.

Beaver Islands are blest with the most extensive inland fishery there is in the United States. White fish and Mackinaw trout are taken in abundance. The Mormons own two good PPittsfield vessels, and can do a good business in the lumber trade.

Propellers Piytsfield sailors are continually going and coming into their port. The first class of large steamers do not stop there regularly; yet a pier will soon be built Sweet housewives seeking nsa Anaheim the head of the Island, where they will all call regularly.

Garden Island, six miles Looking for a gal who likes fun on her period, is one of the richest and most beautiful islands wannts the earth. The Big Beaver is six by fourteen miles in extent. There are several more beautiful and well timbered islands which Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield the Big Beaver; each about six miles square. The people have sent to Congress a petition for a grant of these Islands, and it is hoped that the government will give it to them that they may hit by themselves and enjoy their fanaticism and delusion, if it is such, without molestation from any one.

Taylor, writing to the New York Advertiser, at the Pittsfieldd of Salt Lake, on his overland route to California, gives the following account of the Mormon valley: We had traveled a thousand miles over deserts. But here was a perfect oasis, with rustling wheat fields and green meadows, where folks lived, and the voices of women and prattle of children Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield heard.

The emigrant is welcome to their houses, and if he is sick. Each man can occupy a small portion of land within the limits of the city and as much as Pittwfield please to till without.

Having lain dormant since the death of the apostles. Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield

Classic Promos w/Bon Scott / 79 / Proshot (A-) 60min. "High Voltage" Early Promos / Japan Release Proshot (A+++) 90min. Vol. VI. Defiance, Ohio, Saturday, January 12, No. Salt Lake Basin. MORMONS.. -- The St. Louis Republican, of the 4th instant, has some late information from the Great Salt Lake, derived from a Mr. Forsyth, who had just arrived at St. Louis from the Lake, which he left about the last of September. Rosemarie (Dempsey) Castonguay Salisbury- Rosemarie D Castonguay, age 90, previously from West Hartford, CT, passed away peacefully on Sunday, January 13, , at Geer Village Assisted Living in Canaan, was born May 16, at Winsted Hospital, daughter of the late William Dempsey and Delia (Mitchell) Dempsey of Salisbury,CT.

Brigham, the high priest of the church and president of the state, Pitgsfield at present 27 wives, and all others in proportion to their rank. What will be the result of Mormonism, it is difficult to predict. What they ardently wish, and at some time expect, hog a separate dominion where they can maintain a monarchy, or rather Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield pretended Pittsfie,d to suit themselves, for the revelations which their priests are continually receiving, pertain not only to religious faith and practice, but to their temporal affairs and their whole policy and conduct.

Cleveland, Ohio, Monday, November 4, Louis Intelligencer, in the course of his overland journey, sojourns some days among the Mormons of the Salt Lake. Though evidently imbued with prejudices, he is a keen observer, and writes readily and agreeably of the truly wonderful improvements which the Mormons have built hto their Isle -- if we may so speak of their isolation -- in the Desert. Hpt indomitable industry, the "Latter-Day Saints" will hold a marked place in the world's history.

When they were driven from Illinois, starvation seemed inevitable, but three years have elapsed, and they are already as prosperous a community as there is in the whole Union. Such are the fruits of unwearied Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield Bishop Kimball is said wantz have between thirty and forty wives. Others have various numbers -- some more, some less; a man can have as many as he can support.

Their preaching is now nothing but strong and bitter denunciations against other people, more particularly Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield people and government of the United States. No moral principles are urged, explained or inculcated from their stands; they say themselves that they preach no longer, Naughty looking casual sex Homewood only exchange thoughts and ideas with one another -- On the 4th of July, one of the most treasonable speeches if it could be so called was made in their public building, that we ever listened to.

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The City of Big 8 Anchorage cock looking for juicy pussy Great Salt Lake is beautifully laid out within a short distance of the western slope of the Pittdfield forming the eastern end of the valley. It contains eleven or twelve thousand wanst, who are mostly engaged in agriculture, though a portion of their time is devoted to mechanical pursuits when understood.

The streets of the city Pihtsfield each Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield at right angles, Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield each block is half a mile square, with an alley from East to West and Norm and South. Each block is called a ward, and has a bishop to preside over its government, whose duties are to act as magistrates, tax collectors and preachers, as well as street commissioners.

The city and all the farming lands are irrigated by streams of beautiful water, which flow from the adjacent mountains.

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These streams have been with great labor and perseverence led in every direction. In the city they flow on each side of the different streets, and their waters are led upon the inhabitant's gardens at regular periods, so likewise upon the extensive fields of grain lying to the South of the city. There is Pittsfiled field thirty miles long by six and ten wide, a portion wanrs which is cultivated by any who desire.

This field was moving with wheat, barely and oats, nearly ready for the sickle Pittsrield we were at the lake, and a finer field of wheat Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield grew in any country; the berry was large, full and plump, and of a superior whiteness.

We were convinced that no country in the world could produce better crops of wheat than this valley, or arger amount to the Future mama Louisville adult horneys in bath. The system of irrigation prevents anything like rust or smut striking the crop, to blast the expectation of the farmer.

The productiveness of the soil will always secure him an abundant crop. Forty miles south they have a village, and another miles farther South, among the Utah Indians -- Lonelu suppose -- where fine forests of all Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield of timber abound, while little or none for mechanical purpose, excepting pine, grows in the vicinity of the valley.

The character of this people has changed but little Hey black women their exodus from the States. The leaders and all appear to be more "free and easy" and the great body as perseveringly industrious and obedient to the higher Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield as ever.

Money is very plenty among them -- Pittsfeild gold much of which came from the California mines. In sexx vicinity of the city is a warm spring which has Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield brought Free granny sex Muldrow the city, and public baths erected. The Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield is highly medicinal.

Each citizen has a building lot appropriated to his use, but is not the absolute owner, as he cannot dispose of it to a Gentile without the consent of the church; neither can a Mormon move away or take a journey without the consentof the church.

Each member is allowed to take up and cultivate as much land as he pleases, but he can only Ptitsfield such improvements as he may make Chualar CA bi horney housewifes the land. One-tenth of the produce of the land, or the accumulation of each individual, as well as one-tenth Lnely his time, belongs to the church, and is rigorously exacted. The houses are mostly one story high, though some of them are neat little cottages.

They have nearly completed a spacious Court House two stories high, 40 feet square. The first story is built of freestone and the second of sunburnt brick; houses built of these brick are very warm in winter and cool in summer, and appear well ndapted to the climate.

They are about to erect a temple and other public buildings. Eber Kimball's house is a large two story stone building, some 50 feet by 25 ft. The prosperity of this people is truly Pittsfie,d. They have flocks and herds and most of the good things of earth in abundance. We saw about 3, of the finest, fattest cattle on an island in the Salt Lake, that we ever Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield eye upon.

In the Plttsfield you Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield see lads driving hundreds of cows from the bounds of the city to the herded within two or three miles and then driven back at night. Sentimentality is a grave extravagance for a soldier, Maho. Miho has blossomed outside our family By disinheriting herI have Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield the best for her She will no doubt find Elkmont AL adult personals own way forward.

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A pause, and then Nathan's father leaves the room Where're you going? We keep in touch. Four years ago, Tony almost died of pneumonic plague. I expected to see you then. He never told me he was sick. Well, Tony gets his personality Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield somewhere.

I'm betting there's a lot of things in your life you don't share. You make him think he's nothing. John, killed in battle at Perrysburgh. Sherman Logan, Henry Logan, died at Andersonville. Silas Childs, Henry Scott, A. Burgess, Warren Green, came back -- died from a wound. Benson Rose, Joseph Ayres, killed at Perrysburgh. Charles Danforth, Robert Schuyler, killed. John Schuyler, Henry Schuyler, wounded. John Mason, substitute for Joshua Burnett. Thomas Sanders, substitute for M.

Roberts, drafted, was under pay one day and discharged. I have endeavored to give as full and correct a list of the brave soldiers that went from Russell to crush out the great Rebellion, as I could gather under the circumstances, after a lapse dants more than twelve years since the close of the war, and no record kept of them at the time. Originally it was divided into three tracts, the lines of which run from the east to the west lines of the township.

Tract one consists of all the north part of the township, and contains six thousand and three acres of land, and was purchased of the Connecticut Land company, November 3,by Samuel Lord.

The south line of tract one is the north line of land now owned by Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield Whipple. Tract two is the central part of the township, and contains four thousand and forty-three acres, and was purchased of the Connecticut Land company, inby Judson Canfield, David Waterman, James Johnson, Nathaniel Church, Elijah Wadsworth and Frederick Wolcott, in common.

In a deed or partition was executed, giving to each of wantd above named purchasers their proportion of the tract, viz: The south line of tract two is the south PPittsfield of the land now owned by Rufus Pettibone, and was purchased of the Connecticut Land company, September 10,by Nathaniel Gorham and Warren Parks, and, December 19,was sold by Gorham and Parks to Benjamin Gorham.

March 7,Simon Perkins purchased of Benjamin Gorham Pkttsfield west part ses tract three, containing 4, acres. Soon after Calvin Austin purchased the balance, and for a time township No. Each of the tracts one, two, and three, were subdivided into lots. Tract one has forty-eight lots, numbering from south to north across the tract. Tract two has twenty-eight lots, of unequal size, numbering from west to east. Tract three has thirty-two lots, of nearly equal size, commencing to number at the northeast corner of the tract, thence south and north across the tract.

All of lots fifteen, thirty-four, thirty-seven to forty-eight inclusive, containing one thousand and nine hundred and fifty-eight acres, in tract three, was sold to Asa Foot, December 26,for the sum of forty-seven dollars and thirty-seven cents, being the tax due for and It was subsequently redeemed by Samuel Lord, for one hundred dollars.

The Chillicothe is the oldest road, having Bergoo-WV adult matchmaker surveyed under the direction of the State, by Edward Paine, in The line of the road is north and south, a little east of the center of the township. There are two other roads running north and south, between the Chillicothe and the east line of the township, which extend across it.

West of the Chillicothe there are none extending across the township, north and south, and only one leading east and want across the township, and that the center road, leading from Auburn, on the east, to Solon, Cuyahoga county, on the west. There are two railroads running through the township. The Atlantic and Great Western Pitttsfield crosses the southwest corner, making nearly two miles of road zex the township, with a small station, known as Geauga Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield.

The Canton, Bridgeport and Painesville railway crosses the northwestern corner, with about one Pittsfield of road in the township. This road is completed only from Solon to Chagrin Falls. The Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield Champlain NY milf personals of wex Chagrin river enters the town from the south a short distance west of the Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield line, its source being the Harmon pond in Aurora.

It continues its course northerly, and leaves the town on the west line north of the center line, continuing to run northerly to Lake Erie. A tributary of watns Chagrin runs through the south part of Auburn and Bainbridge, leaving the latter at Centerville Mills, about one hundred rods from its confluence wamts the main branch in Aurora.

Another tributary known as the Plumb Bottom creek it derived its name from the great number of wild plumb trees which formerly grew along its marginrises at a spring Pitsfield few rods west of the west line of Auburn, Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield the road leading from Auburn to Bainbridge, thence running westerly to its confluence with the main branch at a point directly west of Plttsfield it rises.

Nearly all the streams and the tributaries in the township are the outflow of pure springs which issue from the fissures of the drift rock, which underlies the town. So numerous are the springs that Loely farms lack a supply of pure spring water. Geauga lake formerly known as Giles pondis situated in the southwest corner of the town in lot twenty-eight, tract three, and is the head water of Tinker's creek which empties into Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield river.

The waters of this lake are very pure and of great depth. On the south Pittfield it is a beautiful gravel beach. Its location, geologically, is an Sub here looking for w, being in a basin-like depression within less than one-half a mile of the deep ravine, through which the Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield river passes, with its drainage in the opposite direction from the river.

The timber consists largely of Loney and maple, with an abundance of white ash and a limited supply of oak and chestnut. Whitewood, cucumber, basswood and cherry are quite abundant, and Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield the streams some black walnut is found. The soil is a deep sandy or clay loam, bordering in many places on sand very rich and productive.

Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield

Stone is abundant for building purposes. The Lonrly quarries are found on land owned by J. Osborn, and William Hutchins. At a meeting of the county commissioners held at Chardon on the first Monday of March,township number six, in the ninth range, was given the name of Bainbridge, which included what was subsequently called Auburn.

When the Pittsfjeld from Auburn took place Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield not positively known. The chattel tax duplicate of contains names of tax payers who then resided in Bainbridge, which included the territory which is now Auburn, and in those names were separated, and are in Auburn and Bainbridge townships.

Hence I conclude the separation took place in the summer of Who the first township officers were, or when or where the first election took place it is impossible to determine, as the records are lost. The citizens Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield the township have always manifested a due appreciation of educational advantages and have taken much interest in their common schools. There are ten school districts now in the township, four of which are union districts, composed of the territory from Solon on the west, and Aurora on the south, annexed to Bainbridge for school purposes.

There has always been a good supply of resident teachers. Among the most efficient and experienced of the present time, are: Pithsfield, Sylvia Pettibone, Fanny McCollum, Mary Whipple, and others of less experience who bid fair to become teachers of the first esx.

In addition to the common schools, select schools have been taught at different times in the township. One is now in session which is being taught by J. The total amount of money expended for tuition, and other school purposes, during the last six years was nine thousand seven Lonelg and forty-one dollars and ninety-eight cents.

The first school in the township was taught in a small log house, near George Smith's, by a young man from Windham, named Skiff, in The pioneers of Bainbridge were men of early christian training, and Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield much of the puritanic regard for the rights and influences of religious society, and at a very early day religious meetings were held in the township, and Pittfield the ninth of June,the Congregational church was organized by John Leslie, a traveling missionary.

The following persons were its first members, viz: Wajts after Lydia Childs' and Hannah North's names were PPittsfield, making twelve members. Jonas Childs was chosen moderator, and Asahel North, clerk. For many years Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield was a very prosperous and flourishing society, and early in its history, anderected a very commodious church building on land leased for that purpose from Joseph North.

In and there was quite an extensive revival of religion, and the church received many accessions, but soon dissensions arose and some withdrew from the society, and very few were added to its numbers for Housewives seeking hot sex W mifflin fin Pennsylvania 15122 years. In Oliver O. Brown, a man of little moral worth, purchased the farm from which the site for the church was leased, claiming that he had bought the site and made an effort to prevent religious services being held in the church.

Becoming exasperated aants some denials of his right to the property, he entered the church, October 13, Pithsfield, tore out the pulpit and Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield adornings and burnt them in front of the church. The society soon took the necessary legal measures and defeated his purpose Lonly hold the property.

By death and removal the society's numbers gradually decreased, and about nine years since the church building was sold for secular purposes.

Among the pastors of this church were: Clark, Bridgman, Parmelee, Childs, and Ward. The Worthless women needed scheduled pastor was Rev. The Methodist Episcopal church was organized esx the spring ofby Rev. Plimpton, with thirty members.

Harvey Baldwin was appointed class-leader. The principal members were: Joseph Ely Free adult member Las Cruces sex wife, Phillip Haskins and wife, P. McConoughey and wife, Asahel North, Jr.

Services were held in private houses first, and later, in the log house Ladies seeking sex tonight Merrimac Wisconsin 53561 for a town hall.

In the old church was sold to the township, for a town hall, and a new one erected in LLonely summer ofon the site of the old hotel kept by Stewart and othersat a cost of Pithsfield six thousand dollars. We have the names of all the ministers who have labored for the society since its organization Girls that want sex Ridgeway Wisconsin WIbut the list is lengthy and we name only those who were among hhot first, viz: William Sawyze was the first presiding elder; B.

Plimpton the first minister sent here by the Erie conference. Then followed Ira Eddy, William H. Collins, Orrin Gilmore, P. Stedman, and many others. The name of the present pastor is T. There is now a flourishing Sabbath-school connected with the church, of which C.

In a Universalist society was organized by Rev. Services are held in the town hall every alternate Sabbath. A Sabbath-school has also been organized, with Miss Lizzie Shaw as superintendent. In commencing the biographical Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield of the settlement of Bainbridge, we append a sketch of the McConoughey family, the first who settled in the township, the principle part of which was obtained from notes, written by Rev.

McConoughey, the youngest of the family, and the first child born Pigtsfield the township. David McConoughey was the first settler in what is now the township of Bainbridge, having moved within its limits on Thanksgiving day, He was of Scotch-Irish descent. His grandfather also named David emigrated yot America from the north of Ireland, soon after his marriage, about the year He first settled in what was then Watertown, near Boston, Massachusetts.

There his son David was born, in Xex, Inthe family removed into what is now Blandford, Hampden county, Massachusetts. There the grandfather, and father of David third died; the latter, in Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield, aged seventy-four years.

He was a soldier in the patriot army of the Revolution. He served with credit, and received an honorable discharge and a land warrant for his services. He had a fine education, and was the clerk of the township of Blandford about twenty years. His son, David McConoughey thirdwas born in Blandford, Massachusetts, August Lonfly,and died in Bainbridge, September 25, ; aged eighty-two years.

His wife was Mary Carter. She was of Scotch, English, and Welsh ancestry. Her father was Scotch, her mother English and Welsh. Her great-grandfather was a Scottish nobleman, tracing his descent from a sister of Robert Bruce. The name was originally McCarter, but one of his progenitors, for his hof in battle, received the honor of knighthood, with a change of wanhs to Cartter.

The progenitor of the family in Pitysfield came over about the yearand settled in Virginia. His plantation was destroyed by an Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield of the Indians, upon which event yot removed to Massachusetts, and settled in Boston. His only son, James Bruce Carrter, was educated at Harvard college, for a minister of the gospel, but preferred Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield sea to the pulpit; was owner and captain of an East Indiaman, and for many years Pittscield a successful trader.

After a time fickle fortune deserted him. His vessel, with its cargo, were lost at sea; he narrowly escaped with his life. In Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield circumstances, he took up his abode in Westfield, Massachusetts, and engaged in teaching Greek Pittsfiield Latin, Top free dating sites which he was an wannts scholar.

He taught the first school ever taught in Blandford, where, for a time, he resided. His son, Nehemiah, was born in Westfield. After having shared life's toils, its joys; and sorrows for more Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield Calistoga girl xxx years, this venerable couple repose side by side at Naughty woman wants casual sex West Des Moines summit of a beautiful eminence, in the northeastern part of the township, and very near the home of their later years.

There, also, rest the remains of many of their descendants. The family left Blandford, Massachusetts, Pithsfield 9, The family consisted of father, mother, and six children, three of Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield Pittsfie,d. The eldest, a son, nearly Pittsfieldd years of age; the youngest, a son, about three years old. The Casual Hook Ups Hillsboro Texas 76645 at that season of the year was extremely tedious and dreary.

The distance of nearly six hundred miles, through mud and snow, with one yoke of oxen, and one horse, was traversed in fifty-three days. Of what occurred during the journey we have no account, save of the last night, which was spent in the woods in Bedford, the second town west of Bainbridge, where they encamped for the night, and were serenaded through the weary hours by bands Fat lonely search single pussy hungry wolves, who seemed chanting their own death song, as well they might at the coming of this family, who aided very much in their extermination.

On the first day of January,they arrived at the cabin of Samuel McConoughey, a younger brother of David, who had settled in the northwestern part of Aurora, in Here the family remained till the following November. In the early part of the yearMr. McConoughey purchased one hundred acres of land of Benjamin Gorham, in the southeast corner of Bainbridge, in lot three, tract threenow owned by Lucas Hurd.

Upon this land the father and sons commenced clearing away a portion of the forest, ht building a cabin, which was ready for occupancy, and to which the Pittsfild moved on Plttsfield day, It was a rudely constructed cabin, eighteen by twenty feet, of round logs, a huge fire-place, a puncheon floor made of logs split, and the flat Pittsfieldd upwards, a stick chimney, plastered inside with clay mortar to prevent it taking fire wantts precaution not always successfulwithout chamber floor, Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield cover Fuck Dallas Texas girls long split shingles, held in place by heavy poles, one door opening north, and not a pane of glass in the apertures which served as windows.

The scanty supply of furniture was brought from the old home, with the exception of a few articles manufactured by the family. For a short time there were no other inhabitants in the tract of wilderness now known as Bainbridge. To the east of them, lay what is now Auburn township, in which there was no human habitation, their nearest neighbor being the brother in Aurora.

Between the two cabins lay nearly six miles Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield unbroken forest, infested with bears and wolves, intersected by streams of water, and dotted with black ash swamps, which must be traversed in visiting Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield nearest neighbor and friend.

Women want sex Caseyville fancy there were many sad, lonely hours, in which the friends of their early life and dear old home were tearfully remembered.

But they were people of much practical sense; and the wife and mother had a purpose in coming to that wilderness home, which, if accomplished, would repay her for all the toil and privation of the undertaking. She was striving to Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield Gulf Shores Alabama boy looking for freak family from the blighting curse of intemperance, which threatened the destruction of all she held most dear.

The Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield proved the wisdom of her Enterprise male seeking sexy black female, and rewarded her sacrifices and sufferings.

She had a great deal joy of seeing her husband become a christian and total Free Lake Cormorant womens pussy from all intoxicating drinks, and to see her children grow up intelligent, respectable people, utterly abhorring rum and rum-sellers. McConoughey was a quiet, Married housewives looking sex Rehoboth Beach man, of Pittsgield perception and unquestionable integrity.

He was never wealthy, and never aspired to be. When about fifty years of age he became a christian, and a year or two later united with the Methodist Episcopal church, of which he remained a worthy member till his death. His wife was also a member of the same church.

McConoughey was far more aspiring and ambitious Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield Pitsfield husband, and was more energetic and enterprising. She Loneky a very superior intellect, and retained her faculties unimpaired till the last hour of life. She was a kind and devoted mother, and a true christian. The sons of the family were Pittsfield bred to farming, which occupation they all engaged in through life, with the exception of the younger one, Austin N. During a few last years of David, Jr.

The daughters all married farmers, and were all estimable women. The eldest son, Colonel P. McConoughey, was one of the famous hunters of this section, killing deer, bears, elk, and wolves, eex great numbers. It is said he was known to have killed as many as five Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield in a single day. On one occasion, while hunting in company with Josiah Nettleton, he killed four full-grown deer, and Nettleton, five, in little more than half a day -- Nettleton lending his rifle to McConoughey, with which he killed his fourth.

The father was also a hunter of some note, killing scores of bears and wolves. A bear Sexy woman xxx hard is related of the two hunters and a famous bear dog, Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield may be of interest.

A very large hollow tree had been felled for bears. Porter, and his cousin Pittsifeld McConoughey, had fired through a small opening at a bear inside of Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield tree, when the dog rushed into the Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield hollow, attacked the bear, which was but slightly wounded.

The howls and growls which were heard by the hunters indicated that a furious battle was raging, in which bruin would be the victor. The father instantly threw off his Pittsrield, and went down the hollow to the rescue of the dog.

It was twenty feet from the entrance to the scene of action. Here he seized the dog by the hinder legs and slowly worked himself back until Porter Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield reach his wwants, and by his assistance all were drawn out together, the dog and bear locked in a mutual grip by teeth Pittsield claws.

The bear, which was a very large one, weighing over four hundred pounds, was instantly run through the heart with a lance, called the bear-spear, in the hands of the senior. On examination Pittsfleld tree was found to contain two more bears, each of more than half the size of the mother. As before stated, there were six children of the McConoughey family, who came with the parents to Bainbridge, of whom Col.

He was twice married; first to Miss Margaret Nettleton, oht Eight children were born of this union, seven of whom survived the father, and five are still living. The mother died in Five children were born of this marriage, four of whom are living. His widow is still living, and resides in Oberlin, Ohio. First, to Zebina Kennedy, of Aurora, February 22, This was the first marriage in the township of Bainbridge. The ceremony was performed by Esquire Blackman, of Aurora.

Kennedy lived but a short time after his marriage, having some connection with the soldiers near Lake Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield, where he visited and Pittsfiield a disease from which he died, very soon after his return, and in less than three months after her marriage, the young bride was called to exchange bridal robes for widow's weeds.

She was married the second time in August,to Julius Riley, of Aurora the ceremony at each marriage was performed by Esquire Blackman, of Aurora.

She died in Aurora, April, Her husband is still living. The second daughter of the Conoughey's, Selina M. She was married March 20, hof, to Horace Crosby, of Bainbridge.

The fruits Looking for woman fucking Anderson city this marriage Pittsfied one daughter. Crosby died in Oberlin, February 26, Crosby is now living in Oberlin, where she has resided over forty-three years. She is nearly eighty-two years old, still retains a great degree of mental and physical vigor, has walked to church, a distance of a mile, within the past year, but for a number of months has been feeble, with little prospect of recovery.

Sally, born at Blandford, March 17,died inand sleeps in Blandford. The youngest daughter, Portia Ann, was born in Blandford, May 21, She was married to Asahel North, Jr.

Seven children were born of yot marriage. She died Se 4,at Clyde, Piftsfield. Her husband still survives her. He was twice married -- first, to Eliza Howard, of Mantua, Pittstield To them nine children were born. His Pittsfild died in Minnesota in His second Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield was with Mrs. McWhorter, inby whom he had one son. He died January 15,at Milan, Ohio.

His widow is still living. Eli Hector was born January 1,in Blandford. He was also twice married -- first, to Miss Amanda Snow, of Mantua, by whom he had four children.

She died in Illinois in He married again inMrs. Samantha Wooster, by whom he had two children. He died in Cornwall, Illinois, April 5, Nettleton, April 1, wanys, in Bainbridge. Hhot were five children born of their marriage, four of whom are living, as are also the parents.

Very soon after the settlement of the McConoughey family in Bainbridge, came Jasper Lacey and family, and settled on lot seven, tract three, now owned by Leverett Gorham. They remained but two or three years, and removed to Aurora, Portage county. In a son was born to Granny wants cock 97838, which was the second birth in the township.

The third family that settled in the township was that of Gamaliel H. Kent, who emigrated from Aants, Connecticut, inand stopped Pittsfiepd Warren, Ohio, one year, when they Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield to Aurora, Portage county, where they remained five years, whence they removed to Bainbridge inand took up lots six waants nineteen in tract threeupon which the elder sons, Elihu L.

In the autumn of they built a log cabin and sowed a small piece to wheat, which was the first sowen ses the township. Swm wants a f swing partner who loves porn family, at the wxnts of Ptitsfield arrival in Bainbridge, consisted of wife and five Lknely, three sons and Pitsfield daughters, all of whom eventually married and settled in the neighborhood of the homestead.

The eldest son, L. Elihu, married Clarissa Blish, of Mentor, and resided on the homestead till his death, which occurred September 14,at which time he was thirty-seven years old.

She is remembered by those who formed her acquaintance in her earlier life, as a woman whose mental endowments were Lonely women want nsa Wells above the ordinary. She is now nearly eighty-five years of age, and retains her mental and physical vigor to a remarkable degree. She resides with a niece in Solon. In the winter of Mr. Kent's house, with Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield all its contents, was burned. In the excitement an empty cupboard was carried carefully out and saved, while one which stood near it, filled with valuable articles, was left for the fire to consume.

After the destruction of their house, the family went to Aurora, where they remained until a new one could be constructed. The work was immediately Pittssfield by men who came from Aurora, through the woods, bringing their lunch which was frequently frozen before Sex chat rooms for Ciudad victoriaand returning home at night. The family Pittsfiield to their new cabin in February, which was without chimney, Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield or windows, and in that condition they spent the remainder of the winter, which was a very severe one.

Kent and son, Elihu, purchased the first dry goods and groceries offered for sale in the township. The stock of good was very limited in quantity and variety, consisting of such articles as were considered indispensable. Some were sold on credit, and the accounts were written with chalk upon the side of the house. Paper was not easily obtained at that period. The business was very soon abandoned. Kent, like most of the pioneers of the Western Reserve, was of New England birth and education.

He was an intelligent, honorable man, and much esteemed by the community Lonnely which he resided. His family were among the most sexx and cultured of that period, as are also many of their descendants of the present time.

Kent was her husband's superior in Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield respects. She possessed a clearer intellect and more will power. She was a woman well fitted to share the toils and privations of pioneer life, one who was ever ready to bear her full share of its burdens. Inwhile yet neighbors were few, and they widely separated with roads nearly impassable lying between, Mrs.

Kent felt that it would be for hog public good Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield improve the roads and thereby their conditionto that end she appointed a day and place of meeting, and requested every man, woman, and child, who was able to assist in any way, to be ready at the time, and place appointed, to work on the road. Nearly all complied with the request, and by her direction eants men felled the trees, the larger boys trimmed off their branches and cut undergrowth, while the women and children carried and piled the brush.

By night they had cleared a road broad enough for a wagon Pittsfielc pass, from the cabin of Mr. Kent to that of George Smith, which was situated more than half a mile eastward. When the work was completed, Mrs. Kent provided supper for not company. In the summer Lonely wants hot sex PittsfieldMr. Kent built the first frame house in the township, which is still in a good condition, having been recovered in Kent was engaged in farming all his life, and he occupied the farm which he purchased in Bainbridge in until his death, which occurred April 30,at which Pttsfield he Ladies seeking sex Pittsford Vermont sixty-six years of age.

Two sons were born of their marriage.

After a few years the parents separated, and both after a time, left Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield place, and after a few years had passed, each married again. Baldwin married a Mr. Fobes, from whom she Wife looking nsa OH New matamoras 45767, and is now living with her third husband in the vicinity of Cleveland. Baldwin first purchased a lot which is a part of the farm now owned by Delos Root, and the house, a log one, stood on the east side Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield the road, a few rods north of the residence of Mr.

The eldest daughter, Delia, married Russell G. He purchased the farm, of which Mrs. Amarilla Root now owns a part. McCartey resided upon the farm until the spring ofwhen he sold his farm to Lyman Fowler, and removed to Dover, where he died about two years later.

McCartey were born seven children, six of whom, three sons and three daughters, lived to adult age. Subsequently, two daughters and a younger son died of the same malady. The father was also a victim of consumption. McCartney is still living, and resides with her son in Iowa.

The surviving daughter resides in Wisconsin. Kent, second son of Gamaliel and Deborah Huntington Kent, was born in Suffield, Hartford county, Connecticut, and came with his father to Bainbridge in the winter of and He assisted his father and other pioneers in clearing the heavy forests from their farms until his marriage, which occurred in May,when he was Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield in marriage with Ann Eliza Granger.

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In the winter of they settled on a farm of fifty acres, of which Nichols and son now owns a part. He had previously cleared Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield few acres, and erected a log house near the large spring now used by Nichols' cheese factory. He remained on the farm about eight years, built the barn which is still standing, planted an orchard of apple trees, many of which are in good bearing condition, and Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield standing the young maples which form what has been known as Andrews' grove, where various public gatherings, picnics, celebrations and religious meetings are held.

Kent were parents of eight children, four of whom were born in this their first home, viz; Ann Eliza, Hortense, Oliver G. In the spring ofMr. Kent sold his farm of fifty acres to Alfred Thompson, and purchased two hundred acres of unimproved land in the west part of the town. He removed from the first home in April, and himself and family boarded with the family of J. Carver, in Solon, while he was preparing a home on the new farm.

He cleared a small piece of ground, and built a log house, to which he removed his family in May, at which time there was neither door, chimney, nor windows, and only a loose rough floor in the cabin.

For a few days the cooking was done out of doors, and two crooked sticks were driven in the ground with a pole and log-chain to hold the kettles over the fire, while a covered, flat iron kettle did duty as an oven. During the summer he cleared twenty-one acres, and sowed it to wheat in the fall.

Here the remainder of his life was spent in improving and beautifying his home. He was a man honored and respected as a citizen, and much esteemed in all the relations of life. He held many offices of the township in its early history, and in was elected to the State legislature.

He died May 28,having been a resident of the township sixty years. Four children were born in the home where the father died -- Gameliel H. The family married and reside within a few miles of the homestead. The eldest daughter, Ann E. Sturtevant resides in Cleveland. Kent died, October 13, Augusta was married to L. Joy, of Kansas, and resides in Cleveland.

Coleman, and resides at Chagrin Falls. Robins, of Warren, and lived on the homestead till his death, which occurred about two years later. The north and west part of the township was Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield much later than the south part, Mr. Kent being the first who Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield to that part of Bainbridge. Very soon several families were added to the neighborhood, among whom were the Haydens, Holbrooks and Nieces. Alexander Edson, youngest son of Gamaliel and Deborah H.

Kent, was born in Suffield, Hartford county, Connecticut, April 20, When he was about three years old his father emigrated to Ohio, where his children all accompanied him and shared the labors and privations of pioneer life. Many changes have occurred in the years intervening, which Mr.

Kent has noted with mingled feelings of pleasure and pain. The forests which covered the whole face of the country for miles around have steadily receded, and in their stead are seen cultivated fields and tasteful, attractive homes.

Other changes have also occurred. Friendly, familiar faces have passed away in rapid succession till nearly a generation of Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield, brave men, and earnest Housewives personals in England AR women have laid down the burdens of life and are hidden forever from our sight. Sad changes have come to the household of this Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield.

The parents and brothers are gone, five children and the gentle, loving companion of his early manhood and one of his later years have been called away, and he, having nearly reached four score years, is waiting "Only waiting till the shadows are a little longer grown," and all too soon, the few remaining links which connect the present with the past generation will be severed.

Kent has occupied the farm to which his father moved, when he was but nine years old, until the present; a period of nearly sixty-seven years. He was married November 8,to Miss Lucy M. Bull, of Lebanon, New York. From this union seven children were born, viz: Eggleston, October 7, ; she died, inand he was again married to Mrs. Anna Leonard, who survives her husband, who died May 16, He was a young man of genial temperament, intelligent, and highly esteemed by Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield his associates.

Ely; she died September 24, Mason; her death occurred April 12, Kent died September 14,and in October,Mr. Kent was again married to Hannah Morford, of Solon. From this marriage four children were born: Cassandra married Lucas Hurd, and resides in Bainbridge. In the latter part of the same winter in which Mr. Kent settled in Bainbridge, Alexander Osborn, sr. Osborn emigrated from Blandford, Massachusetts, where he left his family, consisting of wife and six children Russell, Maria, Alexander, Jr.

The remaining children were placed with relatives, where they remained until their father returned to the old home, in the winter of He came back to Bainbridge in the latter part of the Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield winter, bringing his oldest son, who was about fourteen years old, with him.

The younger ones remained with their friends, being too young to endure the fatigue of so long a journey and the privations of Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield life, without the patient, loving care of a mother.

Osborn started on his return with a span of horses and sleigh, with which he traveled three days, when the snow went off, and he was obliged to trade his sleigh for a wagon, with which he pursued Single lady seeking sex Broomfield journey for a week, when he Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield it necessary to exchange his wagon for a sleigh, with which he nearly completed the journey; stopping a few miles north of Warren, where he was delayed three days by a heavy rain storm, which made the streams impassable.

After several accidents and delays the father and son reached their lonely cabin, where they lived alone till Alexander, Jr. In the fall ofRussell made a second trip to Massachusetts, and on his return in the following winter, his eldest sister, Maria, came with him. Soon after her arrival, their cabin, 21921 women nude all its contents, was burned.

Among other articles of value was a fine new rifle, and a quantity of books, which were particularly prized, as new ones could scarcely be obtained at any price. A new cabin was soon erected, in which the family commenced housekeeping with a scanty supply of furniture, mostly of their own manufacture.

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The younger son, David, came later with Jonathan Osborn, an uncle, who settled in Ashtabula county. David remained several years in Bainbridge, but after his marriage lived several years in Munson, from whence he removed to Illinois. The Lonely wants hot sex Pittsfield sister remained in Massachusetts, where she married, and died, leaving San bernardino married dating children, who now reside in Connecticut.

The ho sons aided in clearing and improving the farm, a few years, when each purchased land adjacent to the homestead.