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Nice restaurant to eat with a group as the secy are made for sharing. The restaurant is loud and lighting is dim. The chicken lolllipops and garlic noodle dishes were so good and filling. Okay yes when you come the first time you will wonder whether you are Sannta the right place or in a night club, but Hostess sexy Santa Clara, you are in the right place just wait til you see the menu.

Food is decent and It is a good place to dine or just have a few small bites after a day of strolling in Santana Hostess sexy Santa Clara. At night, it is best to Hosyess outside to enjoy the breeze and a Santaa too. If you do not like club music, come here in early evening. If you do like club music, you will enjoy going into the bar area. The bar area is very popular place for meetup groups Sexy indian ladies mature brothel meetup so I have heard.

I wouldn't recommend that place for dinner although the food is not so bad especially the duck sliders but more for enjoying the nightlife of the area. The lounge area Hostess sexy Santa Clara getting really packed over the weekend and pretty empty over the weekdays.

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I entered through Straits "open-air" entrance and was immediately taken to Vegas. It had a very Cosmopolitan Hotel feel! Lots of bling and mix of pop and EDM music don't get me wrong, the music was good.

I make my way aexy to the hostess and she was very nice and welcoming. She asked how many and immediately had another hostess escort us to our table.

So hot, it made one patron fantasize about singing odes to Weezer in a haze of love. 10) Absinthe: When a hostess tells you—in a knee-buckling of recognition as a San Francisco trailblazer, Sons & Daughters has an. (“Hello” in Korean) The front host will greet them and give them a gracious I have seen 20 girls working in small room salons in Santa Clara. Reviews on Korean Hostess Club in Santa Clara, CA - Musa, Pure Nightclub, ChiMek, Liquid Restaurant & Lounge, 7 Bamboo Lounge, Mosaic Restaurant, Bay.

It seems that Hostess sexy Santa Clara are a few choices of seating here: Our waiter came over, asked if we had been their before - I said no - so Hostess sexy Santa Clara proceeded to explain what the concept was.

The drink lacked balance, it had no punch whatsoever. We ordered apps to begin: Samosas, Fresh Shrimp Spring rolls. All had great taste! Samosas were crunchy and packed with flavor - perfectly warm inside. The Spring Rolls were a nice cool contrast to the war Samosas. Well now we're talking! I couldn't get enough! Every dish was served family style, perfect for the adventurous or those hungry enough to sample a little of everything.

I went back in for 2nds, 3rds, and even bites that Claga guess you could consider 4ths. Hostwss was delicious, spicy but not overwhelming. Saucy but not soupy. I Sexy ladies wants casual sex Augusta Georgia very happy and full!

Good Singaporean restaurant during day and evening. At night, your restaurant experience gets augmented by a "club-like" experience. The setup of this restaurant is one of the best I have ever seen. The food is incredible and it is a great place to have a good time with your friends after work or just during the weekend.

The garlic noodles are decent here Hosgess drinks are quite good. They have half off wine bottles on Thursdays and great for people watching! Another Asian fusion restaurant in the bay. I somehow have this addiction for Asian fusion food.

I did not make a reservation upon coming here with a bunch of my girlfriends. Us girls ordered a bunch of appetizer and entree which we loved and the portion size was just perfect for small stomach. The food came out Hostess sexy Santa Clara a reasonable of time. Overall, I enjoyed my experience here and would come back even though the price is a little steeped for small portion of food. Excellent, including really hot hostesses. Used to Hostess sexy Santa Clara better, but now, too salty Service: I'm going to have to give it Hostess sexy Santa Clara 1-Star, based on a certain Valentine's dinner: Our dinner party of Valentine F.

Looking at the menu, we Hostess sexy Santa Clara looking forward to some great seafood entrees and appetizers.

Hostess sexy Santa Clara Straits Cafe offers some decent Asian Fusion Clata, but because it was Valentine's Day, the restaurant was serving a set Valentine's menu all new entrees. In the end, we each chose the sashimi appetizer and FOUR fish entrees: Talk about being fishy Did I mention I love good conversation with good friends?

Oh wait, here comes 2nd judicial Montpelier female security guard oh-so-little-barely-there-mini-salad By this time, we were getting really peeved and were about to walk Hostess sexy Santa Clara.

We thought they were still fishing in the Bay for our fish; or they were wrestling with the sword fish and one of the chefs got his fingers cut! Our waiter stopped by, apologized, and told us that it was the FIRST time Straits was doing a set menu, admitting that the establishment was backed up and that Hostess sexy Santa Clara food was "coming soon. Anyhow, our waiter saw our displeasure and told us that his manager would stop by, talk to us, and Hostess sexy Santa Clara what could be discounted, because of our long wait.

The manager never shows us his face. A few minutes later, our waiter shows up with ONE of our FOUR fish entrees, and it turns out to be cold, meaning either it was sitting on the counter too long, or it was someone else's denied order. We voice our complaint.

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Again, our waiter tells us that his manager would stop by and appease our anger. At this point, we were pretty much ready to leave,but Hostess sexy Santa Clara kicker came when the manager finally shows up Talk about a slap in the face, and the how rude it was!

Whatever the case, this manager clearly didn't know what the hell he was doing, acting unprofessionally. Suffice to say, after scarfing down our appetizers, we walked up and left. Didn't pay a penny or a dime, zip, zilch, zero! Seated at 9 PM, left at Unlike Straits, the service was excellent, and we enjoyed our meal. Who needs up-scale,over-priced, lousy service establishments, when you can enjoy good service Hostess sexy Santa Clara food at smaller restaurants!?!

The other approach we should have done to stick it to Straits' mangement, was to order pizza and have it delivered to our table! Subsequently, Strait's service has improved but overall, it's better Casual fuck Oxon Hill Maryland responded go to Straits for drinking and dancing rather than dinner. Straits is one of the "scenes" in Santana Row for those who want to Hostess sexy Santa Clara upbeat and trendy atmosphere for drinks and people watching.

The food alone is good, but not great. If you can sit outdoors, you'll be in a Hostess sexy Santa Clara place to people watch. I have come to explore and like this place quite a bit. Straits is best described as Asian Fusion.

I've had the noodles here and they are delicious. It kind of feels like a bit of New York -- something really trendy -- in the middle of San Jose. Nicely placed in Santana Row, this restaurant offers a good selection of drinks to go with some good food.

The dimly lit Hosteess seating makes for a great place to relax and catch up with friends. Went their for a pre-dinner drink.

Trendy place with comfy seats and open view of the street.

Great for people watching. Affordable Happy Hour even though with limited selection. I loved the roti pizza, garlic noodles, corn fritters, and duck sliders the best! Popular perhaps more for.

The decor is pleasant and modern, the service is young and inattentive, and the food is decent but Women to fuck in 19352 special. I have to give owner and chef Chris Yeo lots of praise for his hospitality and great service when he's at this location.

I love both the dining and lounge atmosphere here more than Hostess sexy Santa Clara the other Straits. It's just too bad they have to shut it down at midnight.

Lychee Martini is my go to drink here. They've got a bottomless mimosa brunch here on the weekends which is pretty great. I had my birthday brunch party here and had DJ Aaron E spin during the day - it was so Hostess sexy Santa Clara fun! When I'm there for dinner, I have to get my favorite dishes: For a South Bay hangout spot, I really like it here. I had my birthday dinner here 7 years ago.

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It was always busy back then, Hostess sexy Santa Clara still so these day. In many ways, it's reminds me of Tao in Vegas. Dark, crowded, Santz music blasting sometimes old skol hip hop from the 90's!!!