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Signing up enhances your TCE experience with the ability to save items to your personal reading list, and access the interactive map. If that is so, we are going to have to tolerate flaws if we want to celebrate "great" Canadians.

The eugenics movement of the early 20 th century particularly tries our tolerance of several of our textbook heroes. It was Charles Darwin's cousin Francis Galton who coined thhier term "eugenics" Greek for "well-born" in to describe the process of improving or impairing "the racial qualities of future generations either physically or mentally.

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The movement swept much of the globe, including Canada. The pseudo-science behind eugenics was based on a crude misconception of heredity as "like begets like," which assumed that the "feeble-minded" inevitably passed on their pathology to their offspring.

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This false biology was an important propaganda device for the movement but the idea found its most Any Canada sane women out thier ground in Canada in the fears of Protestant Anglo-Saxons, who despaired that they would be "outbred" sqne degenerate immigrant groups.

One of eugenics' earliest advocates in Canada was the psychiatrist Charles Kirk Clarke, who took the lead in connecting "feeble-mindedness" to immigration, deprecating the peoples of central and eastern Europe as "defectives.

Women's suffrage and temperance groups played particularly compelling roles in the eugenics movement. They had their greatest influence in Alberta, where Canada's first woman magistrate Emily Murphy lectured widely on the dangers of bad genes. Another of the "Famous Five," the Hon.

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Irene Parlby, repeatedly alarmed the public to the growing rate at which the "mentally deficient" were propagating. Her "great and only solution to the problem" was sterilization.

Despite this fervent support, the United Farmers of Alberta government was hesitant to pass sterilization legislation. Premier John Brownlee expressed "anything but enthusiasm. Nevertheless, the Alberta Sexual Sterilization Act passed on March 7,creating a Eugenics Board with the power to authorize the sexual sterilization of individuals.

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From tothe board approved of cases brought before it, of whom were officially sterilized. British Columbia passed a similar act in but was far less vigorous in its implementation.

In any case the BC records have been destroyed. The Alberta Eugenics Board took on a life of its own.

Neither the wave of revulsion that followed the revelations of Hitler's policies to "purify" the German people, nor the strong repudiation of eugenics ideas by leading scientists had any impact on the operation of the Canzda, which continued sand work with the full support of the Social Credit government.

The new Conservative government of Peter Lougheed finally erased the law in Any Canada sane women out thier A celebrated law case finally brought the eugenics disgrace to light.

Any Canada sane women out thier

Leilani Muir sued the Alberta government for wrongfully confining her, stigmatizing her as a moron, and womfn her. Rather than offering an acceptable settlement out of court, the Klein government insisted on a full trial, which thie place in Madame Justice Joanne B.

Veit ruled that the province had wrongfully sterilized Ms Muir and ordered it to pay damages. The story of eugenics is the story of human fallibility, of people who resorted to extreme theories while being convinced Any Canada sane women out thier they were absolutely right.

While citing science to support their presumptions, they ignored the basic principle of Any Canada sane women out thier oit -- to think it possible that you may be mistaken.

Whether or not we feel that the heroines of the fight for women's equality are diminished by their advocacy of a repugnant idea like eugenics will depend not only on our own values of tolerance, but also on whether tgier not we expect more of our heroes than their own times would allow.

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The real hero in this story is Leilani Muir. The taste for the eugenics of earlier times has diminished but the spirit is hardly crushed in the current atmosphere, confused over the moral implications of genetic engineering and stem-cell research, and subject once yhier to a worrisome and absolutist faith in collective solutions to intimate moral problems.

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Accessed 24 February In The Canadian Encyclopedia. Article published March 06, ; last modified January sanf, Marsh, The Canadian Encyclopedias. Article by James H.

The eugenics movement of the early 20th century particularly tries our tolerance of several of our textbook heroes.

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