Bootstrap’s JavaScript requires jQuery Error on Laravel Mix

Laravel Mix provides a useful feature to extract vendor libraries to a separate file to cache it. It’s not a Laravel Mix feature actually, it’s a feature from the Webpack. However, whenever you’d extract the jQuery and Bootstrap Javascript libraries like the following: mix.js(‘resources/assets/js/app.js’, ‘public/js’) .extract([‘jquery’, ‘bootstrap-sass’]); You’d definitely see the following error in the … Continue reading “Bootstrap’s JavaScript requires jQuery Error on Laravel Mix”

Fix Server DNS Address Could Not be Found on OpenWrt LuCI

I decided to have multiple internet connections to prevent the connection down issue. Most of the times, the internet connection goes down when I’m in a mode of work or in the middle of a meeting with my boss. If you’re like me and having an issue with the DNS address, then you’re in the … Continue reading “Fix Server DNS Address Could Not be Found on OpenWrt LuCI”

Terminal Customization

Terminal customisation can be a little tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. While being a full time iTerm and ZSH shell user, I finally considered to give the macOS Sierra default terminal a try on my new MacBook Pro 2016 with the touch bar model. While using the default terminal, I find the … Continue reading “Terminal Customization”

Convert Base64 Encoded Image in Node.js

While there are a number of ways to convert the base64 encoded image and save it to the disk in Node.js, I’ve recently used these following two ways to do this. The first method uses the replace() function to search for unnecessary code from the base64 encoded image and replace them with none string ”, then … Continue reading “Convert Base64 Encoded Image in Node.js”

Vue Router Authorization Check

While working on an Electron based application using the Electron-Vue framework, I had to dig into the Vue Router Authorization process. It was hard for me to check whether a user is already logged in or not. If the user is logged in, I don’t want to show the login window when the application is being … Continue reading “Vue Router Authorization Check”

Using Font Awesome in Electron

While working on a weekend Electron project, I had a little rough time to implement Font Awesome icons. However, luckily I was using the Electron-Vue open source framework which made my life much easier. I just had to look into the proper documentation. The Electron-Vue framework includes two package.json file. The first one in the root … Continue reading “Using Font Awesome in Electron”

Convert MBR to GPT During Windows Installation

Although I’m a full-time Mac user since I lost  my Windows PC, today I had to nail my hand with Windows 8.1 (ASUS Laptop). My younger brother couldn’t install the Windows 8.1 on his laptop. While everything was progressing fine, the Windows 8.1 couldn’t be installed on the MBR partition and it shows the error … Continue reading “Convert MBR to GPT During Windows Installation”

Date Time Picker and Carbon

Developers are often used date time picker input field. There is a number of date time picker available on GitHub. However, recently I’ve been using Bootstrap Date Time Picker by Eonasdan. It’s easy, lightweight, customizable and fun to use. However, this date and time picker usage forward slash to format the date and 12 hours time … Continue reading “Date Time Picker and Carbon”

Understanding json_decode() Function

What the hell is json_decode() ? According to the json_decode() is a built-in PHP function that decodes a JSON string. Parameters: json_decode() function accept 4 parameters. These are: json (string) The JSON string that being decoded. The function will only work with valid JSON string and with UTF-8 encoded strings. assoc (bool) By default is FALSE. … Continue reading “Understanding json_decode() Function”

Google API Access Token Info Generator

Sometimes we need to get access token information from the Google API or from any other API that usage OAuth2. The access token is an opaque string that identifies a user, app or pages etc. In OAuth2 access token is very important part and we always need to use the access token to send the … Continue reading “Google API Access Token Info Generator”